Cardboard/Paper Banks at Recycling Sites

We have received the email below from TMBC:

During the current recycling service suspension and in order to provide a short-term solution, KCC will be temporarily installing cardboard/paper banks from today (Wednesday) at the following sites:

  • Sainsburys (Angel Centre car park) Tonbridge
  • Longmead (Tonbridge Farm Sports Ground)
  • Asda Kings Hill
  • Borough Green Rail Station
  • Larkfield Leisure Centre

This will help to reduce volumes of waste out for collection and be an option for residents who are able to visit the sites to recycle their mixed paper and card, as this tends to be most difficult to store due to its bulky nature.

We ask residents to flatten cardboard boxes down and remove polystyrene and plastic. Waste must not be left beside the banks as this will be treated at fly-tipping and will not be recycled.

Our website will be updated with this information and to clarify, our latest advice is:

  • Collections of green-lidded bins and green boxes are suspended until 12 July
  • Black bins and brown garden waste bins are being collected on their scheduled days, this is fortnightly for most people
  • Weekly food caddy collections are taking place on their scheduled days
  • If possible, store your green-lidded bin contents and green box until normal service resumes
  • Alternatively, you can also take material to the recycling banks around the borough or to KCC tips.
  • If you are not able to do this and your bins are full, on days when your black bin is due for collection, you can also put out your green-lidded bin and green box and the waste will be combined

We will continue to update these messages on our website and via social media posts.