TMBC Local Plan Regulation Consultation 3rd November 2022

There are 4 sites in Offham in the TMBC Local Plan documents:

Site 59406 – Teston Road/Aldon Lane

Site 59596- Teston Road/ Aldon Lane

Site 59648 – Teston Road

Site 59649 – Teston Road


The Regulation 18 Consultation is about: what the local plan should contain and how planning policy can help to address key issues within our borough.  The next stage will be the Regulation 19 Consultation.

If you want to find a site in the Sustainability Appraisal Report Annex, click “ctrl” and “f” and a search box appears, where you can put the site number in.

The Parish Council will discuss its response to the consultation at the meeting next week, on Tuesday 4th October.  If you would like the Parish Council to consider your views when drafting a response, please email the Clerk ( by midday on Tuesday 4th October, or you can attend the meeting.  You can also respond to the consultation direct with TMBC.